Savvy LeadershipSavvy Leadership Strategies for Women is a valuable and comprehensive tool to guide you to be more productive and effective in your role as a leader. Whether you are an experienced leader or just beginning to lead, this thorough resource provides you with insights, how-to-skills, strategies and insider information from top business experts who have come together to provide you with everything you need to strengthen and develop your leadership skills.

Table of Contents:

Awaken the Leader in You
How to Clarify, Communicate and Bring Your Vision to Life
By Carla Wellington

The Secret to Savvy Leadership
Developing a Strong Inner Core
By Kim Zilliox

The Leadership Mindset
Transform Your Life from the Inside Out
By Jane Morrison

Authentic Leadership and Self-Awareness
Making the Connection—Leadership Lessons I Learned from Mom and Dad
By Terry Barton

Leadership Is a Growth Process
By LaNell Silverstein

Reinvention with Intention
By Karen Baez

Leadership Requires Vitality
By Carolyn Phillips, ACE

Using Intuition and Insight to Become a Better Leader
By Marci Nemhauser, PsyD, PCC

Success Appeal
Show Up as the Leader You Are
By Karen Solomon

The Savvy Woman's Guide to a Polished Image
By Laura Rubeli

Playing Win-Win
How Women Can Pave the Way for More Collaborative Leadership
By Elizabeth Agnew, MS, ACC

Maximizing Your Everyday Moments of Truth
Savvy Strategies for Verbal Communication
By Ann Kelley

Influence—How to Create It, How to Keep It
By Caterina Rando, MA, MCC

Media Training—Pay Now or Pay Later
What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You!
By Malena Cunningham

Women Leading Change
By Karen Wilhelm Buckley with Fay Freed

Lead Change and Empower Success
By Jan McDonough

Leadership Is in the Palm of Your Hand
Carole Sacino

Becoming an International Leader
By Lindsay Shields

Everyday Leadership
Lead . . . Wherever You Are
By Christina Dyer, MS, LCPC