Savvy Leadership Strategies for Women published 2011. [Order here]

Listen to Terry's interview with Ian Griffin of the National Speakers Association. Ian profiled Terry for the 2011 Pro-Tracks class where he introduced her and her new book - Savvy Leadership Strategies for Women.


Terry is a regular contributor to professional publications. Her recent articles below discuss change management and volunteerism. Click on the titles to read the full articles.

Leading Yourself Through Change and Transition

What Volunteerism Teaches Us About Motivation

Keynotes and other talks:

Looking for a speaker?  Contact Terry for your next meeting or other gathering.  Here's just a few of her most popular topics:

“Get Unstuck and Get Moving”
More often than not, when an individual or business is stuck and not moving in the desired direction, there is something the person or the organization is doing that is preventing them from moving forward. Using the “single most powerful question anyone could ever ask”, learn how you or your organization can get unstuck and get moving.

“Get On with It - Managing Through Change and Transition”
If change is inevitable and constant, then why do organizations and people have so much trouble dealing with it? Turns out it is not the change, but the transition that creates the struggle. Learn the difference between change and transition and develop strategies to help you, your team or your organization to get on with it and manage through change and transition.

“So, that’s why you bug me. Understanding personality differences andpreferences”
Self understanding and self awareness are the keys to effective communication, interpersonal relationships and team productivity. Using The DiSC Assessment we’ll discuss: “I can hear you, but I can’t see you. Understanding how to team in a virtual world”
Studies show that the key to building effective and cohesive teams is proximity and face to face interaction. So how are today’s geographically dispersed teams going to do this when they are miles away and use conference calls and emails to communicate? Learn what leaders and team members can do to bridge the gap created by distance and technology to create cohesive and productive teams. Topics include: